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I have to praise Willard Moore for the immense amount of effort he has poured into The site is extremely user friendly; when posting a load I can type the cities versus having a pre-listed option of cities; with other websites, not all cities show, so I only have the option of inputing the closest city that is given. I can also type in any details in the post, and it is very beneficial to choose to call or text.

I highly recommend using this site, as it has become extremely beneficial in assisting us in locating available pilot escort vehicles. We at Gracefull Industries are pleased with the services provided by

Thank you Willard!

Ellie Grossi, CEO at Gracefull

I needed a load covered ASAP and none of my go to escorts were available. I needed someone who I knew was qualified and experienced but my chances of finding a last minute driver for a Saturday morning pick up were fading. I’d used Cover My Load before to find work but I’d never used it to find an escort, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I posted the load and held my breath, and in less than 2 minutes my phone started ringing. Not only did I get the load covered, but the driver knew the broker and had just finished a job for them the day before! This site saved me and is now my go to favorite!

Rochon Tugwell, Pelican State Pilot

Customer had the load covered within minutes.

Samantha Garwood, Rising Phoenix PCS

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