What's New

Select States for load alerts

Previously we only sent alerts if your current location is set within 500 miles of where a load is posted. Now you can set which states you would like to get alerts for.

Indicate whether or not you're available for a load

Here's a video explaining this last update

Canadian zip codes

You can now update your profile to show a canadian zip code. I still need to allow loads to be posted through in canada, but at least people can see your location on the map.

Background worker

Beefed up the system with Sidekiq
Basically everything just got faster and better. Ramping up for an official release.

Specify Available postions

Admittedly, this is a bigger deal than it sounds. Brokers want to see a map of who is available where and what positions they offer. We've already got locations set up, we just need to allow them to filter who they are contacting by what type of services you offer. Please update your profiles to include the services you offer so you can start getting more loads. Thanks!


Reviews help people know if they want your service or not. Helping people have a better experience.


Add photos of your equipment, vehicles and yourself. Show how professional you are so you can get more/better loads.

About page

Making it easier for you to get in touch with me. I added an about page with ways to contact me. You'll find the link for that at the bottom of any of the pages on this site.

Directory profiles

A lot of updates to the directory profiles today. You can now add photos, certs and stuff from your profile. I haven't started making it pretty yet. Still looking into what info would be good to add to the page first.

Discussions looks better than ever

Made it easier to look through discussions.


You can now send and receive private messages directly on the site. Emails are sent to users notifying them of the message.


You can now add your certifications. I am working with certification providers to validate that certifications declared on this site are valid! This will help escorts get better quality loads.

Emailer is now setup

I'm not going to spam you with emails. I'm not about that life. You will get emails for discussion posts when someone makes a new comment, email updates and things like that. If you want to change your email to use your junk mail, that's okay. I'll add features for letting you say what you want and don't want in the future. Till then, tell me what you're interested in seeing in the discussions!

Update Settings from Text

You can now update your location settings by texting +1 (424) 402-5623 with a zip code. You can also mark if you're available for a load by replying with 'Pause' or 'Resume'

Sign up page was broken

I left a typo on accident. It's fixed now. If you ever have an issue, I'll be here to figure it out and fix it. Check out Discussions where we can all talk about what could make this a better experience.

Referrals will earn you free messages.

If you're not subscribed but want to get messages you can earn text notifications by referring Pilot/Escorts to this site by using your Referral Code Found Here There's also a button to make sending your referral link by text message super easy.

Phone input

I've updated the phone input to be more forgiving now than it used to.

Message Counter

When you Post a Load, you can now see how many pilots/escorts were sent a text message about your load!
That should help you know if you're still looking to get covered or not.

FreeLoads near you!

You will now only receive notifications for loads that can be picked up within 500 miles of your location. If you are signed up, but have not subscribed to a paid plan, you can also receive up to 3 messages free of cost. Subscribers are sent messages before freeloaders!

Pilot Car Directory

Still a lot more to add, but this should create some visibility for now.
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