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I've been talking to people about whether we should limit the messages that we send based on location. It doesn't make sense to get a load notification for New York when you're in Texas. 
So far I'm thinking that we give you the option to limit load notifications to within 500 miles of the zip code on your user profile. 
What are your thoughts? Would limiting the number of messages help you?
Alicia Williams
Good idea.  But then...like right now i am 500 mi from home looking for a load.  Really dont want deadhead that far if i dont have to.  
For that, I was thinking of putting in the current zip code or something close by. Like if you know your load finishes somewhere. Put the drop off zip code in just before you start the trip. You’ll have a better chance of not dead heading back. 
Keith Cosgrove
How about just inputting the nearest town instead of the zip code. Load paperwork doesn’t always have a zip code on it & I doubt anybody has every zip code memorized, so they’d have to go to the USPS website to look it up, but we always know what town we are close to. 
So I can make a button that updates your location using your phone's gps. It's generally accurate.

If you're on a load though, I would think that you would want notifications based off of your where you're going to drop off rather than where you currently are though. I probably need to communicate that better to everyone. 

Your alerts are based off of the location you set, and does not have to be the same location you're at. It might make sense to update your location to where you're going to drop off instead.

Keith Cosgrove
The reason I suggested just using the closest town name, was because if you don’t know the zip, it’s just an added step to have to look it up through the USPS site. Not like having to do that will stop the world from turning, but if you are doing this for the convenience of the customer, you need to make it as convenient as possible. Every added step is just another hassle for the customer. 

I don’t leave my phone GPS on all the time either.
So we got a couple new loads recently that sent a message out to about 50 escorts. I'm thinking I should lower the distance at least. 
Mircea Cartas
I will give you an example: let's say it's Friday and a trucking company needs an escort for Monday in a location 1000 miles away from me. The loaded miles would be more then the deadhead miles and could be heading to my area, that run would worth taking. Also some escorts sleep in their escort vehicles so for them would worth going to a different direction. So I don't think limiting to the zip codes would be a good ideea
I've also talked with people about maybe letting you specify how many miles away from the zip code to get alerts for instead of just 500 miles for everyone. Kinda allowing you to determine what you're willing to deadhead for.

Part of my hesitation is, I wonder if there's a way that I can figure out how profitable a load is and use that instead of just the distance. Like if based on rates you know it's only going to make $xx dollars, then it's not worth it for you. and if it makes over that, then yes send the load. Having a set up like that sounds pretty good to me, but it'll take a bit of time to get that to work right first.
Alicia Williams
This is what I came up with.   Deadheading is really really tough.   Going to or From.  If you deadhead 1000 to or from and use $1.20 /mi then just to pay for your deadheading you would need at least $1200.  

Mircea Cartas
That is when things like your car gas mileage, sleep/not sleep in your car come into equation 
So is there a math-able equation to how far is worth it?
Alicia Williams
I try to keep with $1.20 TOTAL miles.  My chart i have $350 up to 250 mi run.  That is $1.50 /mi.  If I deadhead 200 miles it works out the be $1.20 /mi for Run and Deadheading. 

I will never deadhead TO a run.  I was burnt yesterday and I only drove 1 hr from home before it was cancelled.  A broker I know went all the way from Gettysburg to OK last week and it was postponed for 10 days.   

Only way i will do it is they pay upfront to get me there. 

Up to 250 Miles
$1.60 per mile
Over 250 miles
With overnight ($65/day) 
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Discussions > Location Based Text messages?

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