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How many of u on here have received loads from this site ? Just like to see how it does 
Click on a load, you’ll see who was notified. Most people won't see this message yet, so don't expect a lot of responses.
I've gotten 5 texts in 2 weeks,  loads available.   
I get multiple texts daily for loads posted here and  I’ve  been able to pick up the ones I was available for. So far so good!
I’ve Received  Maybe two or three in as many weeks
The load alerts are sent out based on location. I might turn them on for everyone regardless of location for a while. What do you guys think?  
Also, there have been  63 loads posted in the last 30 days, and 21 loads this week alone. These numbers were current as of last night. So if that helps any.     
Yes, you need to turn on ALL locations. As I’ve said to you before, I have multiple cars in various locations. It’s not worth my time to only get loads near home when I’m not near home nor is anyone else. 
Nadia. It’s not meant to be loads near home currently. It’s meant to be loads near the location you are looking for. You are expected to update your location based on what you’re looking for. 
I have MULTIPLE cars in all areas. So it does me no good to be looking where I am when I have a car in California, Houston and Florida. Call me crazy but this load board is useless for anyone who has multiple cars. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
And I don’t have time to sit around on here and constantly change my locations. Just turn it on for all locations for those of us with people everywhere. Or make it an option. But I will probably be canceling my subscription before trial is over as this is not gonna work for my needs. 
Nadia, I'll send you a message directly. I want to know how many people feel the same way, not just how strong one person feels about it. I continue to prioritize features based on how many people it will affect and the value of the benefit. If others feel the same way about this, please speak up. I am building this site based on feedback, and listening to everyone. I have heard a lot of people say that they like getting alerts for loads that are more relevant to them. What does everyone else here think?
I am not clear where to add my location. The profile requires a zip code. Is this the home zip code of the company or the zip code of my current location?
That is the zip that alerts are based off of.  If you’re on a load, you’ll want to enter your drop location so you can find loads near there. If you’re home. Use home. Either way, that’s what the alerts are based off of. 
I agree with Nadia. I can’t be putting in zip codes of where my cars are. Please turn on all locations. I will cancel if I don’t automatically receive loads in area we are working. Tku
It’s not showing loads in the area i m in but to the area I am at  keeps telling me to update my location it’s just in a circle 
I know they spent a lot of money on this but it does not work why is it showing me loads from the 15 th July it’s 27 th tomorrow what the heck 
Madlen, the reason old loads are showing on here is because the person that posted the load says it’s not covered yet. I am the owner and the developer. I am not paying anyone to develop it for me, so I’m not wasting any money used for this site. It has not been a lot. I’ve been thinking about making it so that the person that posted the load has to update the date in order to keep the load active. 
Yes, please turn on all loads. It’s less cumbersome to Receive/filter Multiple texts than to update my coming/going/staying location:)
Also it says you can change notifications via text but I don’t see the how to. What/where do I text?
Pam, when you mark the load as covered it removes all of the details about the load. People don’t have your contact or know that you posted the load anymore. Is that what you’re intending? The details and the about are all hidden the moment you click covered. 
Well I read that somebody was complaining about the loads remaining on a board once they are covered. - So I just figured once they’re covered maybe we should just delete them so people don’t have to go through old loads.  I personally don’t care whatsoever if it stays there or goes to a different tab or page but it just seem like several comments were angling towards that being annoying.  Anything older than the date that it is posted is no longer a active load.  I was just suggesting, it may help you if we deleted our post after it was covered? It’s an idea I was trying to help. “Can’t please everybody all the time”  you can trust me on that.  Was just an idea. 
Going pretty good so far. I’m still on the free trial and have received 2 good paying trips so far.  
I have gotten a few from this site 
What are other sites to use?
Is there something you would like to be different about this website andria?
Well Willard u r pretty persistent and u finally got me to your site I have been looking it over and am liking what I see!  I’ll start posting my loads here and see !!
Thanks! Make sure to let me know any feedback you have on anything I can improve. 
I think this site is a waste of money honestly don’t sign up I’m cancelling my subscription 
Pam,  I haven’t done it yet, but I’m thinking just removing the message button should do it. Or I could have messages sent to you via text. They are currently sent to your email as well as on the website. What do you think about either of those options?
I called and spoke to Andria about her comment above. Her main concern is about calling to find that loads are already covered.

 That’s another issue that I was thinking about a solution for. Currently who ever posts a load can click a button to mark it as covered. Once it is marked as covered people will no longer see the details or be able to call or message about the load. 

What I’m thinking of doing is sending an email or text to the person that posted the load asking if it’s covered if it’s up for a day or if the date requested has past. If you say yes, then mark it as covered if you say no, then update the date(which resets the time to be notified again) and if you do nothing then automatically mark it as covered at the end of the night or a few hours later or something. 

Or should I add comments to the loads page? Or allow other people to say it’s covered rather than just the person that posted it. 

What are your thoughts about that?
I agree – remove the message button. 
Just like you’re getting email notifications when I reply to this message. You’ll also get email notifications when someone sends you a message on the website. That’s all I was saying there. I think I’ll have the message button removed tonight. The call and text buttons work fine for that. 
Yes I agree – good job
1000% agree, post every load & if we are within striking distance we make decision make the call or not, easy peasy. This has worked perfectly for me for several years when I’m dead heading home or sitting at home. In 3-4 months on this site I havnt received anything near close to me but I’ll give it some more time, just one good load will pay for this experiment! 
D Clark, have you updated your location or selected states to be notified about? 
I receive loads from them and they are good loads. So far I had not rotten eggs. 
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