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Just curious as to why most of the pilot cars listed here have not uploaded their certifications..if you are not a certified pilot car, i cannot use you for loads
That is a great question. I am not sure. 
I've tried to update profile pic and add certification,  but it's not letting me.
You can have 1 profile photo, but then there's a photo album you can have on your profile. They are separate. Your profile is intended to be your name and not the name of your pilot car company. You then have a company profile that will have the name of the pilot car company.
For your profile(longhorn), here's the link https://www.covermyload.com/users/235

Looks like Adam figured out the profile pic and certification already.

Was the “no pilot certification showing” question answered and I’m just not seeing it? First time exploring here so maybe I missed something:)
I may have missed it. To add a certification
  • Go to your profile page
  • Click Add a certification
  • Enter the information, and click save/submit 

After it is added, people will easily see that you are certified when they are looking for a pilot car. 
I just absolutely love this site . Easy to use and I think will be much more promising. I commend the designer of this site HIGH FIVE for a job well done.
Thank you Karen! I am the owner and developer of this site. I have made the whole thing by myself and I hope to only make it better and better. 
All of my information should be uploaded. Please let me know if I can help. 

Curtis Resta
Wolf PAC Pilot Car, LLC

Mine are here but I didn’t put my cert numbers on here, they can be available upon request 
If you’re certified through USPilotCar, you’ll want to put your very numbers on the site. Very numbers do not publicly show. The reason you’ll want to add them if you’re certified in Utah is because Ashli will verify that your certification is real and valid. When that is done, you won’t be able to edit that certification anymore, and instead of having a basic symbol showing you’re certified. We will have a nicer one showing that your certification is verified. Extra reassurance for those posting loads. 
EarlyBird pilots have uploaded certified drivers. give us a call if you ever need help
It looks like you added your certification multiple times. I'm seeing 3 of them in there for you. If they click your name in this discussion, there is a button for them to click to call you on your profile. 
Well. Trying for a 3rd time... I’ve added photos of certs , I’m not seeing  them 🤷‍♀️ Here, rather,....  the paper clip tells me I should be able to add them here. Profile, got it!
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Discussions > Why are most of the cars listed here...

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